News №18 2023

Grain deal
United Wagon Company will deliver of a total of 1,000 grain hopper cars to the ASTON Group, one of Russia's leading manufacturers of food and food ingredients, and the rail operator MRT.

The United Wagon Company’s enterprises located on the Tikhvin Industrial Site in the Leningrad Region (Russia) have successfully passed a surveillance audit proving compliance of their business management system with the global rail industry standard ISO/TS 22163:2017. It defines specific requirements for rail manufacturers, including process and project management, supplier development, cost management, life cycle costs, safety, uptime and maintainability.

United Wagon Company and the rail operator Logistics 1520 signed a contract for the delivery of 300 hopper cars for mineral fertilizers.

Model 19-9835-01 with a payload capacity of 76.7 t and body space of 101 m3 is the most efficient in transporting high density bulk cargo. Special two-element car body coating based on vinyl copolymer provides strong protection against corrosive loads. Extended maintenance intervals of up to 1 million km enable to reduce significantly operating costs throughout the car’s life cycle.


At the junction of transport corridors

United Wagon Company has delivered a new batch of flat cars and box cars to Bodi International, LLC. The multi-purpose flat car with a payload capacity of 77.5 t and loading length of 40 feet can carry wheeled and tracked vehicles, large-capacity containers and tank containers for non-hazardous goods with a gross weight of up to 36 t, as well as specialised containers with a gross weight of up to 40 t.


Intellectual property protection

United Wagon Company continues developing its intellectual property management system, as it enhances its patent portfolio for freight cars and components in the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other EAEU states, as well as China, the USA and the EU. In 2022, the company obtained 225 patents, bringing its total protection titles to over 1,200.

On-going cooperation
Starting from 2024 UWC will deliver up to 3,000 tank cars for petroleum to Western Petroleum Transportation.
<p><strong> Anna Orlova,</strong><br><em> CEO at UWC’s R&D Centre for Transportation Technology:</em></p>

Anna Orlova,
CEO at UWC’s R&D Centre for Transportation Technology:

"UWC possesses compentencies and experience to design a freight car to the standards of any railway region, taking into account the infrastructure and loading-unloading cycle of the customer. Proven in harsh climatic and operating conditions of the 1520-mm gauge area, the technical solutions we apply for running gears are equally effective in other parts of the world, from deserts to the tropics. We can also create a car body of any kind tailored to the customer’s needs."

Best Practices

We won’t let it rust!

We won’t let it rust!

In Russia, stainless steel railcars for molasses is only appearing at the moment. UWC is in the forefront of this process, offering the market a model on a 25 t axle load bogie.

Beware: it’s hot!

Beware: it’s hot!

Nowadays the welding is done using wide variety of techniques amounting to over 150 methods. How did welding technologies evolved?

Getting on track

Getting on track

The history of railways is the history of the development of humankind, and, as in any good story, it has its fair share of antagonists.